Networking Services

We can either set you up with a new nework or give you advice on your existing one. The end result will be the same. You'll be left with a well oiled machine. PLus our monitoring, follow-ups and maintenance ensure you never have any issues.

  • Home and Business Network Setup, Wireless Security and Support

  • VOIP Phone setup (official reseller of easy office phone)

  • Complete Router/Firewall Configuration for Security, Online Gaming and P2P (peer to peer) Downloading Optimization

  • Server/NAS Box/Printer Setup, Configuration and Support

  • Operating System and Software Installation

  • Development of Technology Plan for your home or office

  • Running of cables to new or existing areas of your office or home network
  • Custom Computer Builds

    CanWay Technology is capable of building any computer to meet any need or want. Below is a list of the types of computers we offer:

    • Basic Home Computer:

      This computer will typically have lower end components because of a less demanding user. The typical user is one who uses the computer mostly for emailing, infrequent internet access and basic word processing.

    • Work Station Computer:

      This computer uses mid level components and is still considered a less demanding system. Typically used in an office setting where the user focuses on managing emails, higher level word processing and viewing of pictures and videos (with no editting necessary) and frequently accessing a local network and the internet.

    • Gaming Computer:

      This computer will use mid-high level commponents to sustain a fairly demanding system. The typical user here is one who likes to run a few programs simultaneously and will enjoy playing games that are not necessarily the most demanding games out there.

    • Extreme Gaming:

      This computer is the most demanding of our commputers. It requires high end "Top of The Line" componnents. The typical user here is a graphic designer or someone who runs many programs at the same time and plays the most demading newest releases when it comes to games.

    • To get information on what we can do for you please fill out the form here and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and what the cost might be for the computer you're after.