Business Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We customize your CRM to your companies needs and aid in implementation and Training.

CRM's are a fast growing integral part of any business. The purpose of a CRM is to track your clients and their needs, to help recognize sales and business opportunities where otherwise you might not and to smooth the lines of communication between departments and employees. In the end all of which will add to your bottom line.

Whether you have a home office with 2 employees or a larger office with 25 emplyees, we have your CRM solution. To book a consultation please click here.

Office Networking and Network Management

Every office in this day and age has a network of some sort. Where ever your network stands we can look at it and make recommendations that will cut costs and increase efficiency. This includes but is not exclusive to:

  • Server Needs
  • Storage Needs
  • Worksation Needs
  • Software Needs
  • Hardware Needs
  • Cabling Needs
  • CRM Needs
  • and more.


"I can't believe the amount of time these people were willing to spend with me. I knew nothing before they came and now things make sense. Plus my computers and business have never run better..."

Bradley Grosh

"If I had to sum up CanWay Technology in one word it would be Perfect..."

Patrick Pool

"They were flexible and willing to work around our renovation schedule. I love my new office and I love CanWay Technology..."

Sam Kromstain

"What can I say exceopt thanks. I'll never call anyone but CanWay..."

John Franklin